Value-added moment

A scene comes to mind. A face, an unlikely location. You are the protagonist but everything else appears to be a dream. You have another home, another husband, another life. You do not recognise yourself. This cannot be you. Those are not your words, your thoughts. You aren’t like this. You aren’t like this any … More Value-added moment

Guru connection

A guru has found me lately. It began with a friend adding me to a Whatsapp group titled Sri M. I had no idea who this was but I was happy to receive daily nuggets of wisdom such as: What is ‘Sthita Pragna‘? One who maintains equilibrium, mental equilibrium, under all circumstances. You cannot surprise … More Guru connection

Nap time

Couple of days ago, I was at a dinner party with a group of parents. One of the mothers, whose daughter and mine practically live in each others’ homes, also happens to be something of a mind-reader — she’s very highly intuitive.We chatted over dessert (I shared my weight woes due to a sweet tooth; she … More Nap time

Joyful insecurity

First, the news this month.  I traded the financial security and prestige of a corporate life for the freedom and happiness of being there for my family and myself.  Then, the quote today. “On this day of your life, Aekta, I believe God wants you to know…     …that safety is not the thing you should look for in the future. … More Joyful insecurity

There is time

Suddenly, there is time.Time to flip the papaya over so that it ripens evenly Time to put the bedsheet in the wash and hang the clothes out to dry in an orderly way (unlike the help who always dumps one on top of another) Time to take the dogs out after lunch and hold Miyake … More There is time


My cleaning lady came over this morning to say that she couldn’t work today because a little girl in their family had passed away and she’d have to go for the funeral. As she talked about the horrific tragedy, it struck me that the phrase she used in Hindi for death was, ‘Woh poori ho gayee.’ It … More Complete

A little inspiration

I spent the morning of my 40th birthday last month at Helsinki’s excellent Kiasma art museum, where they had a special exhibition by filmmaker-artist Alfredo Jaar, his first solo showing in Finland. His work is a critical comment on current politics and the human situation. One of the works of art, titled Dear Markus, is a series … More A little inspiration

Ghalib says

So saying Ghalib broke the prayer beads apart: “Why should I count how many times I take His name, He who gives without keeping count.”

Battlefield body

Two nights ago, I sat in bed sniffing, sick of my allergies, seeking an answer and relief from it all. “What is an allergy essentially,” I mused out loud to a skeptical husband. “It’s the body on overdrive, hyper-alert, always fighting invisible monsters in the environment. I sleep so light that even a whisper wakes … More Battlefield body

God at home

It doesn’t take much, really. Doesn’t take much to find happiness or joy or God in everyday life. Just caught the daughter’s eyes: she’s watching Keeping up with the Kardashians on her laptop on the sofa, and she looks up at me just as I look up from mine. My eyes are full of love, … More God at home

Gate to heaven

The gate to the driveway of my home is designed to slide open on metal channels. For the past many months, however, the ball bearings that support its weight have broken off and fallen away, and to add insult to injury, rain has rusted the metal channels on the floor. And so one has to … More Gate to heaven