Not so difficult daughters

My daughters are turning into wise old women already. Sample these nuggets of wisdom they’ve showered me with in just the past two days:

MJ (age 17), last night, in my bedroom: Whatever is happening is because you really wanted it, mom. I’m listening to you talking on the phone to your friends and cribbing about your situation and I wanted to stop you from doing that. The more you crib, the more negativity you’re inviting into your life. Accept that this is what you’ve really wanted for the past many years. This situation is of your own subconscious making — you wanted out, you created the circumstances for it. Don’t mess it up now by complaining about it. Just go out there and do what you love. Think thoughts of happiness, of following your dreams. Stop going on and on about your terrible circumstances, because it’s not terrible at all. It’s your dream come true, actually.

IJ (age 15), day before yesterday, in the car: I just caught you making a snap judgement about someone based on their looks or clothes. Please don’t do that; every time you judge someone, you block good energy coming into your life. Let people be who they are, and be open to life.

Never realised they’d grown up so much! I have lots to learn from them — these not-so-little-anymore Gods in my own home.


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