aekta kapoorMy name is Aekta Kapoor. I’m a mother of two adult daughters, and a writer and editor, based in New Delhi.

I see God in everything, from the environment I inhabit to the books I read, from the people I meet to the things we talk about. To me, God is life, nature, the mystic forces of the universe. I draw sustenance from various spiritual traditions and religions, from art and films, from beauty and ordinariness, even the little baby next door.

Life, to me, is a discovery of this divinity and a celebration of it.

And all paths lead to the same destination.

You can write to me at aekta@eshe.in


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Aekta,
    I love that you find God in everything. When we look at life in that way, somehow everything becomes magical, even the dishes! Thank you for reminding all of us to cherish life as we would cherish God.


  2. Hello Aekta,
    I would like to thank you for your inspirational stories. I came across your post through the tinybuddha web which I am very grateful for.
    I am a 53yo Greek woman and am leaving a marriage of 30yrs because I have chosen to no longer stay in a marriage based on my husband’s life and happiness anymore, but mine.
    Since making this decision my friends have chosen to no longer keep in contact and my family have advised me ‘it is my problem’. So I am doing it completely alone.
    My husband has also told me to leave the family home since making this decision. I do not work and am trying to find some kind of income to move out.
    But…. I refuse to give up on my life and happiness. I get strength from constantly reading and seeking for inspirational posts/webs. I pray for strength, guidance and protection every day.
    I see myself eventually being happy and living a life of meaning. Some days I struggle to stand alone and am grateful when I come across a post such as yours (or tinybuddha) that gives me hope, strength and courage to keep standing.
    I will never give up on my life.
    Thank you.


  3. Hi Aekta,
    I just read your post on tinybuddah, it was inspiring and it hit me somehow. And ive never asked anything like this.. but is it possible for you to email me to help..some advice on some things going on right now for me? Hopefully thats not too bold!


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