Everyday mystical experience

My husband, his friend and I were having a discussion on ‘mystical’ experiences.

“I have never had one,” our friend said, half regretfully.

“I’ve never had one either,” my husband added, without a trace of regret.

“I have one almost every day,” I said. “It depends on your definition of ‘mystical’.”

Let me describe one day in June this year, when I decided to quit my job.

I had just returned from a family holiday abroad, and had made up my mind ‘to be happy’, even if it meant giving up on so-called professional success. It was a Monday morning, boss wasn’t in. Random thoughts flitted across my mind, insecurity about the future topping the list. Suddenly, I got a call — it was a job offer. A light went on my head; God was telling me, “It’s okay. There’s plenty of work out there. Don’t worry about the money.”

Then began another kind of anxiety: boss was in a nasty mood (as usual). Should I wait another day, I wondered. I fretted, walked about, drank coffee, chatted inconsequentially with colleagues. While I was dilly-dallying over my decision, I got this mail:


Look at the choice of words – “more letting it go to you”.

I was bowled over. What were the chances of a random mail like this from a total stranger at the very moment I needed to read it? If this wasn’t a sign from the Universe, from my Krishna, I don’t know what was. (Heartfelt gratitude to reader Priyanka. You’re my angel.)

Of course, my mind was now made up. I did the deed. As I walked to my car later in the day, I felt lightheaded, a bit wonky, a bit free.

I opened the door to the driver’s seat and saw an unlikely sight.

All senior employees at my ex-company are given a wireless gate operator so that they can access the parking lot any time of day. Mine was stuck to the windshield on the top right. It had been stuck there for as long as I had been with this company. I had never noticed its presence except on some mornings when I used it to buzz open the gate if the guards were in a lazy mood.

The day I expressed my intention to leave the company, that very evening, this erstwhile boring, static device decided to fly down to the floor of the car and lie there in a silly, drunken way.

I laughed out loud — the connection was finished. Matter followed mind.

“Three signs!” I said to myself. Three signs that I was on the right path. It’s always been my lucky number.

When’s the last time you had a mystical experience?


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