There is time

Suddenly, there is time.
Time to flip the papaya over so that it ripens evenly
Time to put the bedsheet in the wash and hang the clothes out to dry in an orderly way (unlike the help who always dumps one on top of another)
Time to take the dogs out after lunch and hold Miyake back from bullying joyful little children on their way back from school

There is time
Time to gaze at the tulsi plant that has decided to flourish, finally
Time to observe the clouds change mood, fickle and true
Time to play dreamcatcher to one’s own thoughts (which go from suddenly drenching you in desire to drowning you in doubt and then leaving you naked in the cold)
Time to make tea

There is time
Time to be still and allow the feelings to rise, to allow the immaterial to fall away
Time for the deep and the shallow to mingle in a wave of discordant oneness
Time to see one’s reflection in the mirror of the soul (and allow a little bit of God in)
Time to make peace with the peace

How disillusioned we are
To think there’s not enough time To do it all, to fit it all in, to meet the deadline, to catch the last bus, to see the whole world, to tick off the bucket list, to watch every sunrise, to map every mountain, to win, to love, to get, to beget, to score, to earn, to learn, to achieve, to speak, to sleep, to fulfil our mission on earth

When there is time
We realise we were too busy to notice
That we’d barely begun.


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