Product review: Seacret Nail Care Collection

I was cornered into trying out the Seacret body moisturiser on my last visit to Select Citywalk mall. When I admired its smell and texture, the saleswoman asked me if I’d like to try out a bit of magic.

She then proceeded to buff my fingernails with a cuboid, using different coloured sides in succession. The result was a bright, shining nail — glossy, as if I had used transparent nail polish. Magical, indeed.

I was so impressed that I bought the entire nail care collection (MRP Rs 3,500, but she also gave me another product of MRP Rs 3,000 as a free gift), which comprises four products. I used it the same evening on both hands and feet, and was absolutely delighted with the result.

The kit includes this wonderful buffing block, which has three separate sides: the blue side is coarse, the grey side is a smooth buffer, and the white side has a sort of coating on it which transfers a high-gloss shine on to the buffered nail. Once you are done with this process, you put a few drops of a ‘cuticle oil’, which is non-sticky and unscented. This fills in the dry cuticles (left over after buffering) and makes your nails feel well-moisturised. At the end, comes the body lotion – yes, the same one that tempted me into the Seacret stall in the first place.

According to the literature on the box, Seacret products are made using minerals from the Dead Sea, and the nail care collection also contains fruity and other healthy ingredients. The buffer comes with a 12-month warranty (but sadly, I didn’t keep the receipt). The whole family has been enjoying the body lotion, and I’ve done the buffing and moisturising routine twice now, two weeks apart, with the same fab result each time.

I’d been thinking of giving up on nail polish for a long while now, but my nails weren’t smooth and shiny enough to go without polish, especially for important meetings and events. Well, now I’m free of the constraints of hunting out a matching colour and then removing it a few days later (because what looks worse than chipped nails?). I’m polish-free and lovin’ it.


Product review: Estee Lauder Time Zone

It’s been two weeks since I’ve been using Estee Lauder’s Time Zone Night Anti Line/Wrinkle Cream, and so far I’ve loved the experience. Like all Estee Lauder skincare products, this too has a mildly pleasant fragrance, is easily absorbed in the skin and is luxurious to the touch. My skin is usually dry and this cream gives me just the right amount of moisture without making me feel all greasy and coated up. I’d probably rate Estee Lauder as one of the top brands for anti-ageing, if not numero uno, and this has been one of their best products I’ve laid my hands on so far. It’s priced at roughly Rs 3,500 for 50 ml, which isn’t bad considering the fabulousness of the product.

I also indulged myself with another new beauty buy today. It’s been ages since I’ve bought a perfume for myself; my last three perfumes were gifts. So I was keen to do some research before finally taking the plunge. I’m rather partial towards notes of musk (even though it’s supposedly masculine), sandalwood and vanilla. So I was not surprised to discover that my final buy — S T Dupont’s Passenger for Women — does have two of those. But it’s also got citrus, floral and fruity ingredients… too complex to really go into here. Suffice to say, it’s a lovely day scent. I bought it exactly the way Marie Claire’s beauty pages would have advised. I sniffed a few testers, made a tentative choice, sprayed on a bit of my two finalists on each wrist, walked around the mall and let them sink in, and made my final decision about 40 minutes later when I was satisfied Passenger was the one I’d like to wear again, and again. At 35 Singapore Dollars for 50 ml (sale price), it wasn’t too hard on the wallet either. I’m feeling good.


Product review: L’Oreal UV Perfect Longlasting UVA/UVB Protector

This is one product I’d definitely recommend for a beach vacation.

I spent nearly all of last week in the African sun (as my previous two posts will tell you), drenched in salt water. The last time I had a similar holiday (in Goa), I’d come back tanned about four shades darker, lucky only to have escaped painful burning despite using Banana Boat sunblock. This time, however, due to healthy doses of L’Oreal UV Perfect Longlasting UVA/UVB Protector with SPF 50, I was hardly tanned at all.

The lotion is lovely – it’s smooth to apply, has a negligible fragrance, and a soft texture that sinks easily into the skin. Due to its beige tint, it leaves your skin looking even and less patchy. It’s also reasonably priced (Rs 399), and does its job of protecting the skin fabulously.

Really, a beach bum couldn’t ask for more.


Product review: Lush Skin’s Shangri La

I have always hesitated to try Lush products. One, because they have to be used up very quickly and I take plenty of time to use up a jar of cream or a bar of soap since I always have several options every day. Two, they are pricey.

So I was rather pleased when the Lush PR sent me a jar of Skin’s Shangri La to review. It’s a small jar, just 45 grams, and costs Rs 3570, which puts it in the luxury category for regular Indian women. I assume this is going to last me a month if I use it twice a day. (In fact, I better use it quickly because it expires this month, two months from its date of manufacture!)

It’s been a week so far and overall, I’m enjoying the product. It comes with a pleasant vanilla-ish, fresh fragrance, which heightens the feeling of using something safe and organic. It contains a whole lot of nutritious ingredients and oils, including wheatgrass and toothed wrack seaweed, which is supposed to be a great antioxidant. Unlike many modern moisturizers, this leaves a film on the skin, which older women with dry skin like me would appreciate (older, because we are a generation that used cold creams as moisturizers in our youth and feel secure with that layer; younger women and men would definitely not enjoy a shiny film). Which is alright really, since it IS targeted at mature skin.

I was hoping to see textural changes, such as smoother skin, fewer acne or disappearing spots and dark circles, but perhaps it’s too soon to say. It’s doing a great job as a general day-wear moisturizer, though, neither too sticky nor too dry.

Would I buy one after this? No. It’s still too pricey and too short-lived for me. Would I recommend it? Yes, if you don’t have the same concerns.