No more leaving

A poem by Hafiz   At some point Your relationship with God Will become like this:   Next time you meet Him in the forest Or on a crowded city street   There won’t be any more “Leaving.”   That is, God will climb into Your pocket.   You will simply just take Yourself Along!   … More No more leaving

There is time

Suddenly, there is time.Time to flip the papaya over so that it ripens evenly Time to put the bedsheet in the wash and hang the clothes out to dry in an orderly way (unlike the help who always dumps one on top of another) Time to take the dogs out after lunch and hold Miyake … More There is time

Ghalib says

So saying Ghalib broke the prayer beads apart: “Why should I count how many times I take His name, He who gives without keeping count.”

Path 7-9: Winter

I see You in the start of winter I see You in the trembling sneeze I see You in the scarves and sweaters Lying in the balcony, soaking up the breeze. I see You in the morning chill I see You in the dogs sniffing for a treat I see You in the smell of … More Path 7-9: Winter

Tripping Over Joy

What is the difference between your experience of Existence and that of a Saint? The saint knows that the spiritual path is a sublime chess game with God and that the Beloved has just made a fantastic move that the saint is now continually tripping over joy and bursting out in Laughter and saying, “I … More Tripping Over Joy

Paths 3-5

I see You in the large empty house for rent I see You in the shadowy trees I see You in the dark, crowded market roads As we stand by the curb eating Cocoberries. I see You in the busy prefrontal cortex I see You in the thoughts billowing like breeze I see You in the … More Paths 3-5