Loving what’s within

It was a pleasant day in Antalya, Turkey. I was on holiday with my husband and children. The clouds gave us respite from the pinching Mediterranean summer sun. I’d had a sleepless night so all I wanted to do was lie down and doze off on the beach chair. My husband sat next to me, reading … More Loving what’s within


Momentary magic

My blog dashboard informs me it’s been two months since I last wrote. And so I am showing up. But I am also here because a moment of magic happened today and I must — must, must — share it. It was around half an hour ago. I am home with my family, putting away … More Momentary magic

Joyful insecurity

First, the news this month.  I traded the financial security and prestige of a corporate life for the freedom and happiness of being there for my family and myself.  Then, the quote today. “On this day of your life, Aekta, I believe God wants you to know…     …that safety is not the thing you should look for in the future. … More Joyful insecurity

A dog’s life

The past few days, I’ve been trying to live like Ronnie and Miyake. Whenever there’s a little time on my hands (which is a lot now), I take a nap with my limbs sprawled out languorously. They do the same on the floor next to me. When I get up, I take a nice deep … More A dog’s life

There is time

Suddenly, there is time.Time to flip the papaya over so that it ripens evenly Time to put the bedsheet in the wash and hang the clothes out to dry in an orderly way (unlike the help who always dumps one on top of another) Time to take the dogs out after lunch and hold Miyake … More There is time

Three lessons

Last weekend, I found myself in not one but three different spiritual study classes. Here are selected notes: Divinity 24/7: The first one I attended was a satsang at an amazing place in the middle of nowhere called the Temple of Inspiration. Peopled by smiling, silent, everyday folks with halos around their heads, the prayers, … More Three lessons

On happiness duty

“It’s your duty to be happy,” I coaxed my best friend after she shared that she’d tried to commit suicide, the last resort and cry for attention in a doomed marriage. (Thankfully, the thought of her baby kept her from going all the way.) That’s been a refrain for me in the past many years: … More On happiness duty

Scrubbed clean

Dear God, I see what You’re doing.  I see how You’ve scrubbed away, layer by layer, years of grime and stress. How You’ve gradually helped me unlearn the frenetic lessons of the past few years. How You’ve taken me back in time to an earlier, more sordid remembrance of who I used to be, and … More Scrubbed clean

Dil ki kahaani

Today this song from the old film The Great Gambler was playing on the radio on my way home from work: Do lavson ki yeh dil ki kahaani / Ya hai mohobbat, ya hai jawani (The story of this heart has only two words / Either it’s [romantic] love or it’s [lusty] youth) I love … More Dil ki kahaani