Happy new resolutions

Every New Year, I end up making the same old resolutions – exercise more, eat healthier, get a promotion. But last year, prompted by an article I had read, I decided to create resolutions that would make me happy and not just stuff that I was supposed to. And so I added things like this to my list:

  1. Hug my kids 12 times a day each
  2. Hug my parents twice a day, before going to work and after getting back
  3. Write my affirmations daily
  4. Pray daily

And so on.

I did not always keep my resolutions, of course, but it did give me a sense of private pleasure and happiness to just THINK of them, and not the guilt and dread that accompanied them earlier.

It’s time to do it again, and I’m already excited about what I’m going to plan for 2012. It is going to include: “Get absorbed in one lovely book a week”, “Go to the theatre at least once a month”, “Hug and kiss 12 times a day”, “Write something daily.” (The idea is to be as specific as possible and not leave it vague.) I may not lose any weight and I may not get a big fat raise, but at least it is stuff that excites me, stuff that I look forward to doing, stuff that will make the year worthwhile looking back.

What are your ‘happy’ resolutions for 2012?


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