Twice today

The first time: My car lock has been stuck for months, and the situation is getting worse as the poor Swift ages. It now takes me at least twenty tries to unlock my car. The car company says it will cost me Rs 8,000 for a new lock-and-key set, which I am loath to spend when my car is hitting its fifth year. And so, an unspoken question went up to God: “I don’t want to spend that much on an old car and yet I need to be secure and be able to get into my car quickly. What’s the solution?”

Today morning, as I was fiddling with the lock in my apartment parking, a visitor’s car next to mine tweeted as its owner walked towards it. My brain lit up like a bulb: Automatic locking! But of course!

The second time: I had been waiting for a confirmation of participation for an event for the past ten days. For professional reasons, I did not want to write to the company myself as it would seem too ‘keen’. But the days were inching by and the event was drawing closer. I wrote a follow-up email, but did not send it. Instead, I saved it in my drafts folder, and told the Universe: “Please let them know I am thinking of them. Please remind them to write to me.”

Exactly four minutes after I saved this draft, they wrote in, confirming my presence, with all the conditions I wanted but hadn’t really spelt out, like New Year surprises.

The nose is supposed to represent one’s intuition. Here, my nose may be blocked but the intuition still works. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s the Universe’s message for the day:

There are no accidents, Aekta, no coincidences, and no strangers.

Actually, my cold seems better today. The nose agrees?


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