Showing up

Yesterday, while driving past India Gate admiring the trees, a thought came to me: What does Life want from me?

And the answer came immediately: To live through my eyes. To see the world as I see it. To feel the things I feel. To do the things only I could or would do.

Suddenly, I felt a responsibility towards Life. To live to the fullest. To love and hug more. To see more and do more. To create and share the joy of creating. To fill every single moment with meaning.

Suddenly, I felt breathless, as if time is running out and I have yet so much to do. So much I want to see, feel and find out. There is so much I want to show Life.

As the year draws to an end, happy new beginnings to all. May we all show up for Life.


2 thoughts on “Showing up

  1. ‘may we all show up for life’ -i LoVE that!
    happy new year to you, and enjoy your happy resolutions -great idea! i also want to read more books, more poetry, write more as well perhaps, and maybe even cook more! (i’m not really a cook..)


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