Attitude of gratitude

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough. – Meister Eckhart.

The other day, I decided to adopt the Buddhist ‘attitude of gratitude’ and apply it to everything that came my way.

I managed to get ready for work and leave home well in time. Thank you.

I got three to four continuous green lights. Thank you.

The parking spot I usually prefer was taken but the parking attendant explained his reasons for it and promised to make sure my second best option was always available to me. Thank you.

A colleague told me she wasn’t buttering me up but she honestly felt blessed to have me as a boss. Thank you.

A PR person sent me a bowl of grapes. Thank you.

I have a blog where I can talk about God and no one calls me a namby pamby. Thank you.

I received an electric lunch box in the post after having ordered it online last week. They overcharged me. But it works and I didn’t have to travel anywhere to get it. Thank you.

Despite eating a whole bowl of rajma for lunch, I did not get gas. Thank you.

The issue went to press without any hiccups and no late nights. Thank you so much.

And now that I was thinking of it, I suddenly realised:

I live in a beautiful, free country, I have my dream job, my dream apartment, outstandingly great kids, more love than I can  ever measure, working limbs and brain, pretty jewels, two wardrobes, a well-oiled car, an ATM balance that never runs out, healthy skin, hair and thoughts, and – can you believe it? – amazing conversation-starter paintings across my office and home walls that I didn’t even have to pay for (because my kids made them). THANK YOU (and that’s a big yell).

Phew. Sometimes gratitude can take an entire day.

Week. Month. Year. Decade. Lifetime.

Thank you.


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