Product review: Lush Skin’s Shangri La

I have always hesitated to try Lush products. One, because they have to be used up very quickly and I take plenty of time to use up a jar of cream or a bar of soap since I always have several options every day. Two, they are pricey.

So I was rather pleased when the Lush PR sent me a jar of Skin’s Shangri La to review. It’s a small jar, just 45 grams, and costs Rs 3570, which puts it in the luxury category for regular Indian women. I assume this is going to last me a month if I use it twice a day. (In fact, I better use it quickly because it expires this month, two months from its date of manufacture!)

It’s been a week so far and overall, I’m enjoying the product. It comes with a pleasant vanilla-ish, fresh fragrance, which heightens the feeling of using something safe and organic. It contains a whole lot of nutritious ingredients and oils, including wheatgrass and toothed wrack seaweed, which is supposed to be a great antioxidant. Unlike many modern moisturizers, this leaves a film on the skin, which older women with dry skin like me would appreciate (older, because we are a generation that used cold creams as moisturizers in our youth and feel secure with that layer; younger women and men would definitely not enjoy a shiny film). Which is alright really, since it IS targeted at mature skin.

I was hoping to see textural changes, such as smoother skin, fewer acne or disappearing spots and dark circles, but perhaps it’s too soon to say. It’s doing a great job as a general day-wear moisturizer, though, neither too sticky nor too dry.

Would I buy one after this? No. It’s still too pricey and too short-lived for me. Would I recommend it? Yes, if you don’t have the same concerns.


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