Product review: Estee Lauder Time Zone

It’s been two weeks since I’ve been using Estee Lauder’s Time Zone Night Anti Line/Wrinkle Cream, and so far I’ve loved the experience. Like all Estee Lauder skincare products, this too has a mildly pleasant fragrance, is easily absorbed in the skin and is luxurious to the touch. My skin is usually dry and this cream gives me just the right amount of moisture without making me feel all greasy and coated up. I’d probably rate Estee Lauder as one of the top brands for anti-ageing, if not numero uno, and this has been one of their best products I’ve laid my hands on so far. It’s priced at roughly Rs 3,500 for 50 ml, which isn’t bad considering the fabulousness of the product.

I also indulged myself with another new beauty buy today. It’s been ages since I’ve bought a perfume for myself; my last three perfumes were gifts. So I was keen to do some research before finally taking the plunge. I’m rather partial towards notes of musk (even though it’s supposedly masculine), sandalwood and vanilla. So I was not surprised to discover that my final buy — S T Dupont’s Passenger for Women — does have two of those. But it’s also got citrus, floral and fruity ingredients… too complex to really go into here. Suffice to say, it’s a lovely day scent. I bought it exactly the way Marie Claire’s beauty pages would have advised. I sniffed a few testers, made a tentative choice, sprayed on a bit of my two finalists on each wrist, walked around the mall and let them sink in, and made my final decision about 40 minutes later when I was satisfied Passenger was the one I’d like to wear again, and again. At 35 Singapore Dollars for 50 ml (sale price), it wasn’t too hard on the wallet either. I’m feeling good.


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