My ebook

100-paths-cover-file-6I’ve published my blog as an ebook on Kindle. What is the difference, you ask? Okay, so here goes.

One, the blog is in reverse chronological order, but the book is organised as a story in chronological order from 2010 – 2015, a time when I went through huge changes and challenges in my life.

Two, I’ve left out the extra stuff (books and product reviews) and the very esoteric sort of posts that would have left many new readers scratching their heads. I’ve stuck to the main story of my life so you can see it unfolding, and you can see me evolving over the years.

Three, it’s edited 🙂

Four, my purpose was really to reach to a larger audience than my blog. My daughter Isha has a lot of faith in my writing and she feels many Indian women will relate to my story and my struggles. And so, heeding her advice, I decided to make this one-time effort and upload it on Kindle.

Five, and this is somewhat personal: I have always believed that our stories are given to us for a reason. By sharing my story, I hope to ignite someone else’s journey in faith, to encourage someone else who may be going through similar struggles. There’s no point hiding it here on a private blog. The ebook is my offering to the universe – I am literally putting my life up there, and all the lessons I’ve learnt, as my tiny little contribution to womankind.

If you’ve been reading my blog since 2010, you would be familiar with most of the posts and don’t need to buy the ebook (unless you really love me or something).

If you started reading my blog after 2015, then I suggest you read the ebook first because it covers a lot of interesting stuff – my years as a single mother, my divorce, my remarriage, my travels around the world, my company shutting down, and so on – and it’s all arranged in a proper order like a memoir.

The link to buy is here. Thank you all for being there along with me in my journey.


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