House finding

On 16 February, I wrote this post, where I listed the ideal qualities I wanted from my new home.

Today, after nearly two months, we signed the lease. I went back to read my post, just to ensure I’d got all that I wanted.

(a) Three large rooms, a study and three bathrooms: No study, but a separate help’s quarter and bathroom instead, which is a much better thing; yes to all the rest

(b) Large balconies: Yes, two

(c) Enough parking: Yes, two and both covered

(d) Close to a park for dogs: A beautiful park at our doorstep just outside the house

(e) New fittings, fancy showers: It’s a brand new house, everything’s new and modern 

(f) Safety, security: The owners have been living there 40 years… they say it’s completely safe. I took a walk around the colony myself to get a feel of it; and I did feel secure

(g) Within my budget and other legal, financial constraints: It’s within my budget though slightly more than I’d have liked, but then we’ve got the park view, which is worth paying more for. And yes, they agreed to our legal conditions.

(h) Sense of community, good neighbours: Lovely neighbourhood, old families all around

(i) Close to our current neighborhood: Just 4 km away from mom’s house

While doing this check, I realised the awesome truth once again: Ask and ye shall receive.

Okay, so now on to the next big thing.


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