Cover girl magic

The last few months have been nothing short of a series of miracles for me. I started my own company, then launched my own women’s magazine with a full-time employee strength of one (me). Then became media partner for one of the world’s most prestigious all-women conferences. Now I’m all set to tie up with … More Cover girl magic

Beginner’s luck

Yesterday I spent the better half of the morning at the passport office, in line to get my daughter’s passport renewed. Having been through my own passport renewal process late last year, I was familiar with the long wait and had taken along a book — my new copy of the ‘Mother’ Mirra Alfassa’s life, … More Beginner’s luck

House finding

On 16 February, I wrote this post, where I listed the ideal qualities I wanted from my new home. Today, after nearly two months, we signed the lease. I went back to read my post, just to ensure I’d got all that I wanted. (a) Three large rooms, a study and three bathrooms: No study, but … More House finding