Reset and restart

For some strange reason, I went and hit ‘clear data’ on my HTC Android phone today. I thought I was just making space (every now and then, it tells me that the phone memory is up, so I clear data in certain programs). But to my shock, it wiped out everything – my settings, my wallpaper, my specific shortcuts on the different windows – everything.

I had to reset the accounts, re-enter the passwords, re-download the apps. But it’s taking way too long; I have lost some of my favourite shortcuts and have been unable to find them again. I have not been able to link my FB account to the rest of the phone applications no matter how many times I hit ‘sync now’.

I’m just so stunned. I have been very smug about my own ‘sortedness’ when it comes to handling my phone to full application capacity. I have a great relationship with it, and I know where I’ve kept everything, my links, my folders. Everything is organised the way I like it.

Then why this self-sabotage today?

I then read this post on Paulo Coelho’s blog that started with: An action is a thought that manifests itself.

What was that thought that led me to spontaneously ‘clean the digital slate and start all over again’? I did this strange clearing of data just a few minutes before my yoga class this morning. Was it to do with a certain desire to ‘clean the mental slate and start all over again’? Maybe it’s the yoga, or maybe it’s something else I’m destined to learn soon. Was it a message from my higher self to let go of past conditioning, unlearn and have a clear backdrop against which to write some new knowledge? To reset my priorities, to restart new programming, to make my choices more consciously? What do I really want up there on the wallpaper of my life? What’s really important for me? Am I aware of it?

There are no coincidences. Only signs.


2 thoughts on “Reset and restart

  1. Loved reading your posts Aekta! So much to imbibe, learn, be inspired & take away valuable, takeaway lessons for myself from ur blogs! God bless you dear! Am so proud, honoured & glad to have ur presence in my life! TC n lov 🙂


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