I read a piece by T.T. Rangarajan, one of my favourite spiritual teachers, in Life Positive a few days ago. In it, he talks about the only three questions that are worth asking oneself as a measure of a life well lived. I decided to introspect on my responses and check my score.

1. Each day, am I living life to my fullest potential?
Hmm, maybe 70 per cent. I do live in an aware, productive, enjoyable and fulfilling way now, more than any other time in my life. But there are a few things I could improve on every day: yoga, meditation, helping at least one person with my deeds, making at least three people happier with my words, working towards my long-term goals. That’s why this blog.
But I also realise that as I grow, so does my capacity and potential. So a few years from now, I’ll probably look back and think: “I wasn’t even living 30 per cent of my true potential, and I thought it was 70.” But then, I have to be true to THIS moment. And at this point, given my current capabilities, knowledge and strength, I do believe I am using 70 per cent of them. Score: 7 on 10.

2. Every year, how many more lives am I being of use to?
For me, being of use means helping someone breathe easier, bringing a smile to someone’s face, helping someone out of a difficult situation, or helping someone into a better one. I’m not being of use to TOO many more people every year, but it IS growing. That’s why this blog. Score: 7 on 10.

3. Every day, how much closer am I getting to my God?
Oh definitely closer. Definitely. I’ve begun to give gratitude at every turn and corner. At every kind word someone says to me, at every healthy morsel I get to eat, at every good day that goes by with harmony at home, at every sunset I witness while I drive home. But I could do more. That’s why this blog. Score: 9 on 10.

Okay so that felt good. I may not have a promotion every year, and I’m still a long way from enlightenment or achieving my ambitions, and I do struggle with hundreds of inadequacies and insecurities. But I’m on the right path, and that’s what counts.

Yes, I’m on the right path. That’s why this blog.


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