The day the weather god smiled

Suddenly in the middle of a harsh, unforgiving summer, came the rain. One kid was out to a birthday party. The other wanted to go to the mall, tired of sitting at home for the past few days (it’s summer vacation time). When it stopped raining, we drove down to the nearest cluster of malls (Vasant Kunj), parked, and went up the lift. It was too gorgeous outside to stay indoors, so we went out, hand in hand.

And there, on the bridge between two malls, with a cool, playful wind blowing our hair and a teenager’s shiny balloon into the sky, we stood and took pictures. And there, I looked at my daughter and saw the face of Love. And I held my kurta down and felt Her divine touch. And I looked up at the sky and right there, in the flutter of the clouds, I saw Her smile.

God, you spoil me.


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