One of the folktales about Krishna relates an incident when the teenage god, wont to flirt with the young women (gopis) in his village, hides amongst the trees when they’re bathing. Naughty as ever, he snatches up all their clothes and runs away to a corner. When they’re done with their bath, they look around … More Naked

Wanting what is

A large pile of unexpressed fears got buried under a typhoon of ‘busy’-ness all of the past fortnight. So occupied was I, that I no longer invested in my own daily oases of happiness or in stuff that I normally love doing, like writing on this blog. When a turn of events turned the moth-balled … More Wanting what is

A divine journey

I read this excellent post on Tiny Buddha a couple of days ago, and it was so brilliant that I dwelled on it for hours later. The crux of what the author Brad Alexander says is: Once you achieve a significant goal, you will not be the same person you were when you set out … More A divine journey