Coming and going

“You’ve come a long way,” she said on the G-chat window, this dear friend of mine. We were talking about dogs and gods and trying to arrange my engagement and finding someone to fix the plumbing and seeking a columnist to write about relationships.

Then, a short while later, I found myself in a family counsellor’s clinic, to interview her for a story. As I waited to see her, a beautiful book on the table caught my eye. It was amazing — words of deep wisdom paired with visuals of India that caught all my country’s ordinariness in the most exquisite ways. That’s also where I read this quote by Rabindranath Tagore, which I then quickly proceeded to put up on my blog before my meeting could begin.

When my meeting began, the good doctor remembered me from my previous job. We updated each other on our latest lives. “You’ve come a long way,” she said.

It’s odd actually. I don’t feel like I’ve come a long way. I feel like I am right here. Maybe I was away for a while, but I am back now.

I just went a long way.


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