Creative high

These days I’m happily occupied in launching the first issue of a women’s magazine that I’ve dreamt about for a long time. The process of finding writers, putting together stories, photo shoots, and designing the whole package thrills me no end. I return home each day feeling joyful, not exhausted, which is a great change from, say, last month.

It made me think about the act of creation — about the power and energy the process itself bestows on the creator. As long as I have written or otherwise constructively put my creative abilities to use during the day, I feel released, satiated. The act of seeing your piece come alive, or actually seeing the page created in front of your eyes, gives you joy and satisfaction unlike any other. It’s a tremendous kick to see the entire magazine — all those bits and pieces and multitudes of creative effort — come together at the end of the month. You feel blessed to be part of it. You realise that while you may have directed the sails, the boat itself is being run on plenty of manpower, on lots of different skills and talents, on a bit of good fortune or weather.

It’s not unlike giving birth to a child. You are the carrier, the instrument, yes. But you haven’t put it there. There’s a larger force at work. And so it is with creativity — whether artistic or domestic or entrepreneurial. You’re not alone the creator; there’s a larger force at work. Nature itself loves the act of creation. It is then natural to have this urge within us to create something of value in the world. Every time we create, we grow in ourselves, we are in tune with the forces of nature, we demonstrate God.

My newfound sense of purpose and passion this month has taught me about the value of dedicating my life to creativity. It doesn’t surprise me that the word ‘create’ itself represented ‘divine creation’ when first coined. There is something truly divine about creating something, anything, of value. “Everything you do, do it for Me,” said Krishna in the Gita. Even without knowing or recalling those words, creating something is itself our offering to God at every moment of our lives — whether it’s the cup of tea we brewed or the blog post we wrote or the new nailpaint design we drew on our daughter’s fingernails.

How easy and delightful it is, isn’t it, to find God.


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