Dream a little, big dream

This morning, as I lay flat on my back on the yoga mat, my eyes closed, sighing in sweet surrender, I could not help thanking God for the abundance in my life.

Things are suddenly at a point that I had visualised several years ago – professionally, personally, spiritually. Certain dreams have been fulfilled – perhaps not in a way I could have ever imagined, but in unexpected, incredible ways nevertheless. The greatest gift is being able to switch into ‘gratitude mode’ more and more often, to look at every tiny detail of my life with wonder and thanks, even when the going is tough.

I could not help pondering then on the rest of my dreams… the ones I used to swat away like flies, telling myself they are too impractical and impossible, ordering myself not to waste time on them.

A tarot reader had once looked at my choice of cards and said something that startled me. Something to do with achieving the kind of future I had vague visions of, a destiny that was even beyond them. I’d said, ‘Yea, right’ then, but a seed of ambition had been sown.

So today, as I lay there smiling in an ocean of peace, those dreams surfaced again, and instead of turning them away, I decided to accept.

Accept the dream.
Accept the challenges.
Accept the inevitable pain and heartbreak each journey entails.
Accept the responsibility.
Accept the destiny.

And then I read this quote when I came in to office and began editing our new tarot reader’s column for our next issue:

Let it be not my will but Thine.

It’s not my dream, after all. I’m just the instrument.


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