A day of indulgences

One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.” – Iris Murdoch

Yesterday was an exhausting day, so today, I decided I would allow myself a few indulgences.

Early morning, I allowed myself to read through a chapter in a book (I’m into the Ramayana these days) — despite knowing that my yoga class was about to begin and I had plenty of home chores yet to complete. As a result, I couldn’t hang the clothes out to dry. But the help will do it later in the afternoon. It’s okay, I told myself.

Then, I showered with a new shower gel that I’d been eyeing for days on my bathroom shelf but hadn’t yet tried, because the old shower gel still had a small amount in it. I’ll finish it tomorrow, I told myself, luxuriating in the new gel’s smell and feel.

After breakfast with my man, who sometimes joins me for the yoga class, I decided I wanted to have a cup of tea by his side, so we held hands sitting together on the sofa — despite knowing the kids could wake up any minute and see us together and get shocked (they’re not yet comfortable about the idea of their mom in a romantic relationship). But they kept sleeping, and so two not-very-young, fatigued, work-weary souls had a silent, healing moment of togetherness.

Later in the morning, I attended an event where lunch was served. But I don’t like to stand in queues for food. Besides, I had home-cooked lunch waiting for me back in the office and I didn’t want it to go waste, so I left the event without touching a morsel. However, my body began to crave a treat. A few miles down towards my office, I parked the car and got myself an iced mochaccino and a small snack from KFC. I can always have lunch later in the afternoon, I justified to myself. And I did.

Then in the evening, I left office a few minutes earlier than everyone else. They can manage without me, right?

On reaching home, I saw there was no yoghurt. I put on my shoes and picked up my wallet and thought to walk down and buy it from the convenience store. Then I thought, “Nah” and just ordered it on the phone. Instead, I sat down to write this post.

As things go in my life, it’s not surprising that I also got this quote in the mail today: Know that all joys spring only from the heart within you. When you experience joy from worldly objects or people, realize that it is your own joy being reflected back to you. — Sathya Sai Baba

Joy, whether inside or outside, deserves its due respect. Thank you, God. I see ya.


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