A wish in time

Wishes are usually granted to me in twos and threes.

Yesterday, it was a ‘two-wish-fulfilment’ day. I was in the mood to show some love to a junior colleague and sent out a sincere wish, with a hand on my heart, for a special international invitation to come my way, which I would gift to her.  Within an hour, it came! And I duly offered it to her. (It’s another matter that I later learnt she doesn’t yet have a passport so someone else may have to go. But then that’s also a lesson from my dear universe: “Your duty is to ask with purity. How your request goes about being fulfilled is not your business.” At least I was able to show my love, which was the whole point.)

I had also sent out a sincere wish a few days ago to have a five-day working week. I only get Sunday with the kids, and I can either then focus on housework (as in fixing stuff around the house, chores, grocery shopping) or homework (projects and essays, anyone?). I am usually able to manage a bit of both. But then my own personal sense of space and relaxation (‘me-time’) is completely neglected. So I end up feeling like a guinea pig inside a wheel, running running running all the time without a moment’s rest. Weekends and weekdays melt into a tableau of ‘work’, with no time at all for friends, a massage maybe, an evening out, a movie or a play.

Yesterday, that wish too was granted, as my boss made a decision to keep Saturdays off, except on production days. I can sense the huge shift in my mental equilibrium already!

Actually, a third thing happened in the evening. It wasn’t a wish being granted, but rather it was an application of a lesson previously learnt. I’d read somewhere that if you have a problem in any relationship, you should speak to the person directly and not gossip to your buddies about it because that is a sure-shot way of ruining that particular relationship beyond repair. So yesterday, despite an itch to bitch to a girlfriend, I called up this loved one directly instead. I expressed my feelings, my hurt and fears, and though we did have a bit of a defensive argument, I kept to the script I’d learnt: “Focus on how you’re feeling, instead of placing blame on the other about what they’re doing.”

Both of us lead busy lives; our call-waiting kept buzzing with other calls in line; I shopped for fruits; collected a clock from the watch-repair guy; bought pencil colours and drove home; all the time having this conversation on the cellphone. I know it’s not the perfect way to have such a sensitive and crucial discussion, but guess what, it still worked out fine. We managed to vent ourselves without a residue of bad feelings. I can’t with honesty say that my issue has been sorted. But at least now we have moved to a more positive plateau in our relationship, and I know in my heart that things will be sorted out eventually.

I’ve come to believe with great earnestness in the adage, ‘Ask and ye shall receive.’ Sometimes, all we have to do is ask, but sometimes we have to take the first step as well. All I know is that without fail, without doubt, wishes do come true.


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