Underwater sojourn

A world of beauty and grace

(Continued from previous post…)

The second space I found God in Mombasa was underwater.

I did lots of swimming in Kenya last week; either lounging about in the excellent swimming pool at our resort (Diani Reef Resort and Spa), sipping liqueurs at the pool bar, or else in the sea. And different kinds of sea: deep and rough, shallow and calm, shallow and rough. Blue, green, brown. Full of fish, full of coral, full of weeds.

And through it all, there was me with my goggles and breathing tube, snorkeling. Looking at the colourful corals and indifferent fish with voyeuristic delight. The minute you put your face inside the salty sea, an unearthly calm overcomes you. It’s so silent, so ethereally peaceful. It feels like another world down there, so far away from the business of human life. A world of surrender, grace and beauty. I’d just never want to come back up.

Why do some things resonate so deeply with us? Because they reflect what is within us. The silence underwater reflects the silence somewhere deep inside our hearts. The space of peace and calm. A world of surrender, grace and beauty.

You can find it anytime, as long as you believe it is there. It is there.


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