Lessons in love (from an older person to her younger colleagues)

My team at work is aged between 24 to 30 years, and (besides me) all are single. Some of them are looking for love, others are dating and confused, and a few are dating someone their families would never approve of. So my Monday tips (a ritual we began couple of months ago) today were … More Lessons in love (from an older person to her younger colleagues)

Choosing courage

“If you had to choose between courage and patience, I’d say, choose courage. With courage, the patience will come too but with just patience, you’ll never have the courage to live your life your own way and be happy.” Wise words from a 26-year-old firebrand of a masseuse I’ve recently been associated with. We meet … More Choosing courage

Home and heart

Fitting into a new house is like settling into a new marriage. You adjust to certain ways of the house. The house changes itself for you in others. The bedroom door that doesn’t close properly — you learn to pull it in just the right way so as to solve your purpose with the least … More Home and heart

Engaged to growth

A month ago, my partner and I decided to get engaged. Considering all the practical logistics – my daughter’s exams, my brother-in-law’s annual leave, my nephew-in-law’s Christmas holidays – we zoomed in on December 23 as our date. We had only our immediate family and very few close friends with us at the dinner held … More Engaged to growth