Value-added moment

A scene comes to mind. A face, an unlikely location. You are the protagonist but everything else appears to be a dream. You have another home, another husband, another life. You do not recognise yourself. This cannot be you. Those are not your words, your thoughts. You aren’t like this. You aren’t like this any … More Value-added moment


God at home

She was turning into her own mother. Every day, chore by chore, her life began to resemble her mother’s at the same age. Brought up in the deserts of Dubai before the dunes of sand were processed into towers of glass, she’d watched her mother slave it out in the home, scrubbing dishes, vacuuming the … More God at home

Home and heart

Fitting into a new house is like settling into a new marriage. You adjust to certain ways of the house. The house changes itself for you in others. The bedroom door that doesn’t close properly — you learn to pull it in just the right way so as to solve your purpose with the least … More Home and heart