Joyful insecurity

First, the news this month. 

I traded the financial security and prestige of a corporate life for the freedom and happiness of being there for my family and myself. 

Then, the quote today.

“On this day of your life, Aekta, I believe God wants you to know…    
…that safety is not the thing you should look for in the future. Joy is what you should look for.
Security and joy may not come in the same package.
They can… but they also cannot. There is no guarantee.
If your primary concern is a guarantee of security, you may never experience the truest joys of life.
This is not a suggestion that you become reckless, but it is an invitation to at least become daring.” 
— Neale Donald Walsh
Yeah. God talks to me through email. How does it work for you?

One thought on “Joyful insecurity

  1. Dear Aekta,
    Finally, a happy heart rests in itself and is joyful. However, I have come to believe now that security is a planned result and insecurity is a reluctant foe, who remains despite all endeavour to keep it out. On the flip side, it is insecurity that fuels stress which push us to action.

    God Bless! Everyone needs to be with oneself and ones family.


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